What is Ubieness?

Lukas Prasuhn
4 min readNov 19, 2021

In my last post, I wrote about Ubie, the company I am working at now. Today I want to go a little bit more in detail about the traits that you should have in order to be a good fit for Ubie. We call these traits Ubieness. You can view it as a concept similar to the Amazon Leadership Principles or Googliness.

There are a total of 6 traits that define Ubieness.

  • Zero Base Thinking
  • Learning Animal
  • Action Oriented
  • Sense of Company Ownership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Speak your Mind, Be Constructive

I will introduce these in English here for everybody who is interested in working with us. There is also an official page about Ubieness in Japanese with a lot of additional information.

Zero Base Thinking

Put aside past experience and conventional wisdom to build optimal solutions from scratch.

Just like any modern technology, the med-tech sector is constantly changing and evolving. And so does the startup scene. You are comfortable seeing yourself in new situations everyday. Zero Base Thinking is about being able to apply out-of-the-box thinking to existing problems as well as leading innovation by approaches that have never been tried before.

🇯🇵 ゼロベース思考

Learning Animal

A passion for continuous learning and application of knowledge in problem solving.

You are naturally curious about things. Learning something new gives you joy. Solving the same problems by using the same knowledge is boring. A Learning Animal gets excited about using new tools and can quickly produce results, rather than being annoyed about having to learn more things.

🇯🇵 ラーニングアニマル

Action Oriented

The ability to design actionable tasks and execute them, regardless of methodology, to achieve high value business goals.

Every problem has a solution and moving things forward step by step is worth more than endless discussions. Theorizing and over thinking can paralyze, but by being Action Oriented you are not afraid, even when tackling difficult problems. You know how to manage the unknown and the possible. You are aware of priorities and get things done when they need to get done.

🇯🇵 突破力

Sense of Company Ownership

See things from a company-wide perspective, discover the most pressing problems, and quickly solve them in ways that most benefit the entire company.

Only focusing on your own goals gives you a good evaluation in an organization with strict hierarchy. But in a flat organization with no designated managers taking sole responsibility, it is in everybody's interest to identify and eliminate any problems as well as considering new visionary ideas. With a Sense of Company Ownership, you will naturally discuss anything important with your team and other teams stakeholders pro-actively. The worked up ideas and solutions in turn have a positive effect on the whole company.

🇯🇵 全社への当事者意識

Critical Thinking

Cut through the noise to identify the essence of things. Think and communicate in a structured, efficient manner.

In todays society, we are being overwhelmed by information. Critical Thinking is about being able to efficiently process, identify and make use the information you have. You know what really matters and are not biased by strong personal preferences or circumstances. When making important decisions you can discuss proficiently and always stick to what logically makes sense the most.

🇯🇵 論理性

Speak your Mind, Be Constructive

Speak candidly and move things forward. Achieve positive effects with your words. Be willing to accept frank communications from your peers.

Nobody and nothing is perfect. Sometimes you are also emotionally attached to your work and beliefs. Speaking your Mind, Being Constructive is the ability to provide and receive feedback about issues with positivity. When receiving feedback, you are not being offended easily. When giving feedback, you are being constructive and not critical. You are not afraid to share your thoughts. This way you and everybody around you can constantly improve.

🇯🇵 率直かつ建設的なコミュニケーション

Final Words

Having people with Ubieness work together promotes a self-driven work style while taking the responsibility as a group.

People with Ubieness typically want to work independently and have high awareness about the success of the company and its products. To reward this thinking, Ubie provides Stock Options for all full-time employees. The working culture also adepts to Ubieness, for example by having full-flex working ours. You can find more info on our recruitment page.

Once you join Ubie, there will be no more formal evaluation. That is why Ubieness is checked rigorously during the interview process.